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Our approach

EcoEthic supports its clients and adapts its methodology to their priorities (short, mid and long term), and helps them in their research of a budget optimum. Indeed, to successfully take into account the environment and the sustainable development, the company must integrate the approach at the highest level.

One of the strength of EcoEthic is to commit itself on the short, mid and long term, in order to build the company’s success in their environmental approach. EcoEthic adapts its support according to its client’s priorities evolution. It can also be the complete outsourcing of the Environmental manager position.

EcoEthic proposes the implementation within your company of its methodological tool box. These tool boxes are adapted to your structure, permits you to become autonomous in your CSR approach and to obtain results within only months.

  • Among the tools developed by EcoEthic, you will find:
    • Eco + tool box: for more details, click here.
    • ISO 14+ tool box: for more details, click here.
    • Carbon – tool box : for more details, click here.
    • Customized consultant
  • The services of EcoEthic take place as following:
    1. Audit / Diagnostic :
      • Define priorities (short, mid and long term)
      • Action plan implementation
      • Budget and resources optimization
      • HR
      • Appropriate planning choice
      • Financial aids

    2. Strategy adaptation
      • Choice and validation of the action program
      • Steps validation (company’s engagement)

    3. Company’s actors mobilization
      • Training and awareness of employees

    4. Improvement and updating of knowledge
      • Knowledge network animation (regular experts point of view)
      • Internal and institutional communication about the approach


    5. Build the knowledge network:
      • Convince and mobilize the internal and external actors
      • Build a consensus
      • Set up an actions follow up
      • Internal and institutional communication about the approach

    6. Evaluate and measure the results:
      • Set up relevant indicators
      • Regular follow up
      • Approach assessment
      • How to maintain the results and improve the system?
      • Internal and institutional communication about the approach
        According to the size of the company and to its issues, the approach can take place on several days to several months.