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Examples of our achievements

Some examples of our achievements in Sustainable Development , Environment et Strategic Prospective .



EcoEthic supports OBS in the implementation of its CSR approach, on several French and abroad site, through the preparation of the ISO 14001 certification. EcoEthic is deploying its toolbox Eco+ within OBS’s sites. Start in March 2012.

DREAL Limousin

Analysis of the green growth potential within Limousin region (France). Animation of a participative workshop about the emergence of a green growth model in Limousin. Start in January.


Spread of Eco+ toolbox in order to implement a sustainable development approach. Within their ISO 14001 certification, iso 14+ toolbox has also been implemented, between 2010 and 2011. A carbon assessment is also on going.


Preparation and animation of a training about Environment Law, several trainings in 2009 and 2010.

CEGOS / FEP in 2010 – 2011

About 10 French cleanliness companies support for the implementation of their sustainable development approach, for the French cleanliness companies federation (FEP).


Preparation and animation of three workshops about the Sustainable Development for the “Sustainable Companies” show of 20 and 21st of October, 2009.


Spread of toolbox Eco+ for the implementation of a sustainable development approach.


Preparation and animation of a training about Industrial environmental Law for Michelin’s activities, in September 2009.


Carbon assessment realization and animation of a training workshop to identify and improve the company’s values towards the sustainable development, based on EcoEthic toolbox Eco+.


Spread of EcoEthic toolbox Eco+, to implement a sustainable development approach.


Realization of a Sustainable Development diagnostic in 2008. Support of FONGECIF to implement a SD approach, and animation of a working group in 2009.
Animation of 6 workshops to train companies in order to take into account the CSR; June – July 2008.


Realization of a Sustainable Development diagnostic and implementation of an action plan: February – July 2009.


Regular Certification audits realization for Bureau Veritas: 2007, 2008 and 2009.


Animation of a participative workshop « Build an environmental approach adapted to the company », Paris, 10th of April, 2008.

IMS, Entreprendre pour la cité

Realization of a impacts assessments following the Sustainable Development diagnostic, for 30 companies, Novembre 2007 – June 2008.


Consulting and training to identify the Sustainable development stakes and to identify an action plan in order to integrate it into the company’s strategy (February – March 2008).

L22nd October 2007 : Presentation of Paris’ City Prize to 4 SMEs

The first edition of Paris Sustainable Development Prize, dedicated to Parisian SMEs that have an excellent SD behavior. EcoEthic participated as an expert in SD.

SJ3D Exhibition : The first Sustainable Development day in Paris.

EcoEthic was part of the steering committee of the J3D, organized by Paris’ Chamber of Commerce. This day was dedicated to the Ile de France SME’s managers who wanted to have tools and aids to set up a sustainable development approach. EcoEthic has animated the workshop. 11 October 2007.


Analyse about the impact of the Environment and of the Sustainable Development on the marking and packaging sector’s evolution. Reflection about the different possibilities of evolution. June 2007.

COLAS Sud Ouest for CSP

Support to the company to take into account the sustainable development, March 2006; February – March 2007. Animation of awareness sessions about SD, for the managers.

8th national meeting about sustainable development of ACFCI with Nelly OLLIN (12 and 13 October 2006); over 200 participants.

  • Animation of the first workshop about the SMEs mobilization about the SD.
  • Workshop theme : How to mobilize the SMEs ?
  • What are the messages and arguments to develop?
  • What are the keys of success?
  • For more information : click here (in French) click here.

EPE (Entreprise pour l’ement)

Participation to the working group about the hierarchy of the stakes linked to the sustainable development for the company. The report can be downloaded on

AGF (2004 & 2005)

  • Use the strategic prospective tools as keys for understanding of the SD actions to implement within the different entities of AGF.
  • Use the workshops’ results to determine action plans.

GEMPLUS (2005) pour le compte du CSP

Introduction to sustainable development, determine an action plan and animation of a working group.

PNR Angers (2004)

Animation of the colloquium for the Sustainable Development Prize; interview and preparation of several companies’ talk that have implemented excellent actions on SD.

CSP, Francis Lefebvre group (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)

Training program organization for SD companies and animation of all the training.

DEMOS (2003, 2004 et 2005)

Animation of a training program about the implementation of SD within companies.



Realization of an environmental audit (ISO 14001 of 2007) and animation of a training about the environment operational management on industrial sites (February, March & April 2008)


Implementation of a regulatory monitoring system, including the realization of a monitoring prediagnostic (February, March 2008).

Many consultant services and training services for industrial key accounts, For the following fields

(Francis LEFEVRE, éditions législatives), EFE, DEMOS, CFDE, de 2002 à 2007 dans les domaines suivants :

  • I.C.P.E (Installations Classées pour la Protection de l’Environnement / Classified installation for the protection of the environment),
  • I.C.P.E legislation,
  • QSE audits and ISO 14001,
  • Waste management, water management, energy management,
  • Polluted soils regulatory aspects,
  • Regulatory monitoring & environmental law,
  • ISO 14001 certification approach.
  • Some examples of services : Bruneau company, Les Ulis city :Société BRUNEAU, les Ulis (ICPE) -2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007-04-25Michelin, RDME, BOUYGUES Construction Ile de France…

    UMS, Orsay (ICPE )- March 2006

    RTE Nantes, EDF, France Telecom, orange …2003, 2004 and 2005.

Realization of ISO 14001 regulatory audit and impacts audits in the fields of waste management, water management, energy & noise management

PSA, RENAULT, RHODIA, Institut français du pétrole (Petroleum French Institute)…

Animation of in service training (50% of time) in the following fields :

  • ISO 14001 management,
  • Environmental Law,
  • QSE regulatory monitoring implementation,
  • Environmental diagnostic,
  • Environmental law for companies (hazardous & non hazardous waste management),
  • Hazardous and non hazardous waste management,
  • Waste audit realization.


IMS, Entreprendre pour la cité (2004, 2005 and 2006)

Animation of several workshops about strategic prospective. The objective was to take into account sustainable development for CAC 40 companies, but also for SMEs.

UGPVB (2004 & 2005)

Training seminar (strategic prospective) for 40 agricultural cooperative chairman: determine the strategic action plan and the main actions up to 3 years (October 2004 – April 2005)

Consultant services in strategic prospective for PORAVEN (June, August & Octobre 2004).

Implementation of scenario linked to the pig industry for 2014 and analysis of the actors.

CRFPS in Reims in May 2004, in November 2004, in January 2005 and in February 2007

Animation of 4 strategic prospective sessions for cooperative administrator.

Conseil Général d’Ille-et-Vilaine and Agricultural Chamber of Rennes from November 2004 to March 2005

Animation of a prospective reflection about the milk industry future in 2015.

CNAM, Paris

  • Animation of a training session to use the strategic prospective tools,
  • Tools : analysis of actors for chemical industry.

ESSEC, EME (Essec Management Education) ARISTEE school

Presentation and use of the strategic prospective tools in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

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