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Consultancy / Expertise

  • Why a toolboxEco+ ?
    • The emergence of Sustainable Development is a major societal change that impacts most businesses today, they are now trying to adapt or to respond to new legislative constraints and / or the increasing demands of donors, public and private of order, and potential new markets that open simultaneously (“green business “…), is to position itself in this new market. The consideration of SD by these small businesses has become a sustainability factor and differentiation.
    • They have unfortunately not often internal resources to be able to adapt their organization and meet new demands. They need a methodological support and development of skills in-house.
  • The expected results of the toolbox Eco +:
    • For the customer
      • Acquire the knowledge necessary to integrate Sustainable Development into its organization, its operations and development projects. Become independent in the construction of its Sustainable Development process, a real business project federating.
      • Benefit from the feedback of other companies in the field and to share resources to establish because of the multi-business approach and multisectoral (5 to 10 companies that may follow in parallel the deployment of the toolkit Eco + ).
      • Develop a governance model to integrate stakeholder expectations and priorities to create value over the long term by improving the image and attractiveness of the company.
    • For the employee / beneficiary:
      • Be trained on the new requirements related to sustainable development (to maintain and develop their employability and acquire a double skills).
      • Become a major organizational change, behavioral and cultural related to the consideration of Sustainable Development.
      • Participate in a business plan enabling participatory social progress, social and environmental.
    • For EcoEthic :
      • Able to support SMEs in the growing necessary competence to integrate Sustainable Development in their organization and be able to sustain their business and generate value creation over the long term.