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Anouck Colson, Associate Director of SolarWall (77)

Conception and implementation of solar heating systems

Strong supporter of sustainable development principles, we were wondering how to implement it within our company. Thanks to CGPME, we have heard of EcoEthic. Following our request to this consultant, Mrs Brigitte Thieck Regal agreed to support us. Thanks to the consultant’s expertise and to its human qualities, we have followed its simple, collaborative methodology and its valuable advice. We have implemented a CSR action plan in a record time (less than 2 months) including the involvement of external and internal stakeholders. We have been enchanted by the approach. We are currently managing the action plan and will regularly update it. Moreover, we have taken into account information time for stakeholders concerning the achievement of our CSR objectives. Thanks to EcoEthic, we have enforced our strategic management, concentrated on our sustainable development objectives. I welcome EcoEthic CSR approach, that should be known and implemented for all French companies. Many thank to EcoEthic for this helpful value.

Patrick Aisenberg, Co-founder of Linkbynet

Experts in outsourcing – e business

Linkbynet is an actor of the IT sector, forerunner of cloud computing in France. We have always worked around several actions (use of virtualization to optimize servers and rationalize energy consumption, commitment to associations, HR policy for access to employment for all, decrease printing, recycling…), without knowing about the global approach which it was part of: CSR. EcoEthic support enabled us to realize our policy. EcoEthic helped us to build a consistent and prioritized action plan for 2012. We commit to roll out our action plan and to make biannual assessments, with EcoEthic. We have really appreciated the commitment and expertise of Mrs Brigitte Thieck Regal, founder of EcoEthic.

Bertrand Gouillart and Richard de Lamazière, President and CEO of Alterneum consulting company (Paris)

Consulting company for operational strategy

Convinced that to begin a CSR approach was relevant for our activity, Alterneum consulting company has been charmed by EcoEthic’s approach: easy, quick and concrete. It has enabled to work on Alterneum’s values (innovation, commitment, equality, quality, ability to react) and to bring out a CSR action plan with the three pillars (economic, societal, and environmental). From now on, Alterneum will be able to follow this plan in a coherent way and to communicate on this approach toward its stakeholders. With this support, EcoEthic managed to demonstrate its know-how and its ability to adapt itself to our specificities.

Sophie Guyomart, Administration Manager, Bureaux sur l’eau (92)

Company premises manager

We would like to thank EcoEthic for its ability and its help to implement solutions in order to make us evolve, and to simply and quickly support us in our ecological, societal and economic expectations.

Didier Tapa Bailly, CEO of Consul’team (93)

Web agency and training institute

I would like to thank EcoEthic for its support in our CSR approach. Their professionalism, the quality of their advice and listening, allowed us to implement an appropriate CSR approach. My colleagues have found the answers to their questions. Many thanks for your help, and to have made employees interested in the approach.

Fabrice Gourbault, Manager of Scriptal

IT service company, in the medical sector

When we began the program, we didn’t know that CSR could conduce to progress for our employees and clients, and could enable us to differentiate from our competitors. Thanks to its dynamic, structured and friendly approach, EcoEthic enabled us to easily integrate CSR within our organization and our practices, for the benefit of all.

Mr. Sacilotto, A faire de papiers (93)

Company administrative management

Thank you for your intervention, which allowed us to precisely understand the CSR approach and to implement it.

Nicole Rousselot, Manager of IPF Rénovation (77)

Construction Company, specialized in doors and windows renovation

We had begun a reflection about our CSR approach, but without action plan. With EcoEthic, the whole team have discussed about this subject. Everyone has participated to the implementation of our action plan. The precise and structured approach made us quickly move forward on our objectives, time limit, and allocation of responsibilities. We now have a detailed plan, easy to follow and a methodology to make it evolve according to new objectives. This plan is now written down, we can begin to communicate on our actions towards our clients, prospects and suppliers. Now, IPF Rénovation, small business of 7 people, has all the assets of any large company to communicate about CSR, formalize its own values (client respects, actors trust, environmental friendly development, social policy towards employees…), since its foundation in 1981. Many thanks for adapting to our particularities.

David Cornubert and Emelyne Rolland, Manager and Sales Manager, MDC sécurité incendie (94)

Fire safety

Shortly before meeting EcoEthic, we had decided to implement an ecological approach for our company without knowing how to do it. This is partly why EcoEthic proposition to implement a CSR approach interested us. The CSR approach took place in three meetings, where we have worked on an environmental, social, societal and economic action plan (example: waste segregation and recycling, investigate new and less polluting materials, implement solutions for the good of employees,…). EcoEthic followed us during our program, meetings were the mean to see our commitment and our progress, in regard with our action plan. We thank them for their help, their enthusiasm and their listening to our needs. We will recommend them without hesitation and will speak to our stakeholders about the CSR approach.

Christelle Bonnafoux, Manager of Lyovel (92, 94, 95)

Vending machine manager

We are satisfied of the efficient support that has been realized, despite the short time dedicated to this project.

Rached Bouhlel, Quality and Sustainable Development Manager, IRFSS

Training institute of French Red Cross

In order to answer to the expectation of our partners and to act as a responsible actor, Ile de France region’s IRFSS, driven by Mrs Marie-Françoise Baranes, IRFSS director, has decided to implement a sustainable development approach / OSR (Organizations’ Societal Responsibility). IRFSS IDF has been selected amongst several association and companies to be part of the program led by CGPME IDF and financed by European Union, prefecture of Ile de France and Agefos PME. This program, driven by Brigitte Thieck Regal from EcoEthic enabled us to implement concrete actions and to launch the project with a structured action plan.

Serge Guedj, Manager and Head of HR Department, Agence les 3 chênes (77)

Services to individuals

As a young company, our agency has seen a dazzling success and CSR support was essential. We were charmed by EcoEthic approach and this enabled us to work on our values within the scope of economic, social, societal and environmental field. Many thank to EcoEthic for its support and its knowhow.

Laurent Mayer, Associate Director, Grafeez (75, 93)

Creation, duplication and distribution of printed and digital information (cross media and cross channel agency)

We were doing some CSR without knowing it and EcoEthic enabled us to efficiently, quickly and dynamically structure our CSR approach, to clarify our vision, objectives and to implement an action plan. All of this despite the stringent timetable of the European program. We intend to follow our partnership with EcoEthic.

Grégoire Picot, Director of Effiburo (75)

Solicitor, lawyer, finance and consulting professional services

After several sustainable development approaches testing, we had to harmonize our approach, where we are seeing the global aspect. Thanks to Brigitte Thieck Regal support and to CGPME’s help, we were able to stand back from our objectives on the three CSR pillars and to build a detailed action plan. One more time, the intervention of a specialized firm like EcoEthic simplified the internal mobilization and the formalizing of an operational actions guideline. Many thanks.

Vanessa Soussana, Finance Manager, The Brand Union (Paris)

Design agency

Our agency needed to anticipate and to reflect the environmental, societal and economic evolutions in its commitments and actions. With its mobilizing and easy to understand methodology, EcoEthic made us understand the CSR approach as a performance factor, a quest for sense for our company.

Pierre Wang, President of Poesi (92)

IT service company

We were interested by CSR without really knowing what it was. Thanks to EcoEthic support, we have been able to understand how to manage CSR on a daily basis. EcoEthic enabled us to structure our CSR approach, to identify the stakes and the priority areas for our company We really appreciated the participative way of EcoEthic to involve the colleagues in the implementation of CSR action plan.

Valérie Link, Administration and Finance Director, Sustainable Development Manager, FFSA (Paris)

French Federation for Adapted Sport, association.

We had the will to do something about CSR, without knowing what to implement. EcoEthic support enabled us to structure our approach by highlighting the priority areas and to enable the employees to make the CSR approach their own. We were very happy about the methodology, which was structured and efficient. The results showed unexpected perspectives.