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Article from « Dynamique Entrepreneuriale »

Published in March 2012

Ile de France region’s CGPME offers to French SMEs the first online self diagnosis platform about Company Social Responsibility (CSR). This platform has been developed and managed by EcoEthic. Presentation of the website: pby Tiffany Sacleux (CSR project manager).

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Article published in “Navsa, le mag” of January / February 2012

Published in February 2012

For SMEs and micro businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often seen as a theoretical concept, time-consuming and expensive. EcoEthic has developed a interactive platform for CSR especially for SMEs, in partnership with Ile de France region’s CGPME. The access is free of charge.

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Brigitte THIECK REGAL has been invited to be on “Grand Paris” (BFM Business) about the sustainable development

Published in November 2011

The 23rd of November 2011, Brigitte Thieck Regal, founder of EcoEthic, was on BFM Business for the “Grand Paris” broadcast, about: “sustainable development within companies: what stage are we at now?”.

The broadcast video (only in French) :

Article published in « Dynamique entrepreneuriale » of June 2011 : « La RSE dans sa PME : par où commencer ? » (CSR in SME : where to begin with ?)

Published in June 2011

Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) only a constraint on SMEs? Far from this cliché, the successful experiences of implementation of Sustainable Development within SMEs and micro businesses are more and more numerous. Brigitte Thieck Regal, leader in Sustainable Development for CGPME Ile de France, and founder of EcoEthic, tells us about her consultancy and training experience for SMEs.

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Article about EcoEthic on

Published in June 2011 website has published in June 2011 an article about EcoEthic on the implementation of CSR within SMEs, following the lecture of Brigitte Thieck Regal (EcoEthic manager) at Planète PME Paris fair.

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Lecture about Sustainable Development in SMEs, for NAVSA

Published in March 2011

EcoEthic has been invited to participate at the annual NAVSA congress and to lead a lecture about sustainable development approach for SMEs and micro businesses, entitled: “Implement a sustainable development approach: it is possible even for micro businesses!” Brigitte Thieck Regal, founder of EcoEthic will lead the lecture.

Implement sustainable development into the day to day company management could be an effective way to differentiate its company from the others. Why to implement a sustainable development approach? Where to begin with? Can we be helped ? What will it bring in ? These are some questions Brigitte Thieck Regal will answer during this lecture, with an example of the implementation of the toolbox Eco+.

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Article in « Journal des Sociétés »

Published in January 2009

Article about the keys for a sustainable development approach.

Implement a sustainable development approach is nowadays part of the companies’ strategy. J3D (Sustainable Development Days) are a “best practice” network in order to help companies with this approach.

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18th of April 2008 : interview of EcoEthic by TiViPRO, during Assist’Expo fair

Published in April 2008

Video only available in French.

Forecasting as a learning tool ?

Published in February 2008

What is a forecasting exercise? It is a rigorous way of questioning future that has two objectives:

  • Decrease uncertainty (however, it doesn’t bring certainty) and to enable the person to become pro-active (act for the desired future).
  • It is above all a state of mind, a look on life and on world.

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Article published in « Office Mag »

Published in January 2008

Convinced of the importance of a sustainable approach, you wish to mobilize your company? Before taking action, you will have to convince every skeptic and to choose appropriate solutions.

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8th of November 2007 : interview by TiViPRO of EcoEthic, during J3D (sustainable development day)

Published in November 2007

Video only available in French.