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Participative workshops

Since its foundation EcoEthic is specialized in participative workshops animation that offer to all participants not only to express their point of view on a topic and to gain experience from the other, but also to be able to build a common language and a common vision of the future.

Thanks to the appropriation of actions to implement in order to achieve the approach (up to twelve participants per workshop). Thus, tehy become a promoter of these actions within the company. The animation of these convivial workshops are based on the use of tools for strategic prospective and creativity techniques.

  • Steps and principles of the participative workshop
    • The different steps of the workshop:

      The workshops are organized with the following main steps and are based on a theme chosen by the company :

      • To question the comforts or dominant conformism of thinking (workshops such as “Hunting Misconceptions”) that could be resulting from recent events or dominant topic.
      • Renew and summarize collectively the future visions on the topic selected: major changes, trends, sources of possible breaks, principal uncertainties, change factors, … (workshop such as”Identifying the change and slowness factors»)…
      • Initiate the consequences analysis of these initial results (obtained at the workshops above) by analyzing the stakes; the first answers and the possible actions (“actions” workshops), to be in charge of the following work on the strategy and on the actions to implement.
    • The workshop is based on three principles:
      • The participants must have an active and productive role. The methodology used permits the contribution of everyone, the pooling of results, the collective evaluation and the synthesis of priorities,
      • Combine training, information, exchange and active participation of the team to the debate on the future of the social contribution of companies, its actors and its challenges,
      • Organize in time the different seminar: the participants shall browse the different steps of the strategic prospective (analyze actual dynamic, prospective investigation, identify stakes and possible actions).